1. What is the SMART LISBOA project?

SMART LISBOA is a project that aims to solve the question of how future-oriented public transport systems that flexibly react to passengers’ demand can be designed. The project is realized by a consortium of seven project partners. Among them, Brisa, Portugal’s major mobility company, that contributes through insights of people’s mobility flows.

2. What data is being recorded?

To provide precise insights into spatial coordinates, time frames and states of movement, sensor data is being recorded. Furthermore, your e-mail address with which you registered for the test of the SMART LISBOA app is being saved for contacting you within the scope of the project (e.g. about software updates, vouchers, changes on the terms of service or privacy).

3. What smartphone sensors are being analysed?

4. Do I have the right of opposition to the data collection?

As the app’s user, you have the right to invoke Article 8(3) and Article 21 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that give you the right to object to the use and record of your data as well as revokes a prior given consent of the use of your data. 

To make use of the aforementioned rights, please contact EPD_VVS@viaverde.pt

5.  Is it possible to receive my personal (mobility-) data once the project has terminated?

For a request for information, please send an email with the subject line “request for information SMART LISBOA” to piloto.smartlisboa@viaverde.pt, stating the email address used for your registration. However, data will be will be anonymised in end of the pilot.

6. When is data being recorded?

As soon as the registration in the app has been completed, data points are being recorded. Datapoints include spatial coordinates, time frames and motion activity. Based on these data points, trip legs conducted with different transport modes and their respective temporal attributes (duration; length) are calculated. Used over a longer period of time, the app creates multi-day motion profiles.

7. Can I see whether I’m being tracked?

Yes. Go to “settings” in the SMART LISBOA App and check whether location services are enabled. If this is the case, your motion activity is being recorded. Alternatively, a look into the app unveils whether you are tracked or not: if the app shows your covered routes, tracking is active.

On Android phones the app symbol is additionally portrayed in the header of your home screen, indicating active recording.

On iOS phones, an arrow symbol in the status bar indicates the same. 

8. Can I see which routes I have covered?

Yes. The app allows you to see your daily tracks. Not only can you see where you have travelled but also by what mode(s) of transport a trip has been completed with. Besides that, further statistics about your mobility behaviour can be accessed, such as your preferred transport mode and the respective kilometres travelled with it; your personal CO2 footprint or your activity levels. By default, the app transmits your data only over WIFI to minimize the use of your mobile data. The processing can take several hours, which is why you can see the travelled paths delayed in the app, once connected to a stable WIFI network. If you only rarely have WIFI access, you can “enable data transmission via mobile data” in the app settings so that the app can work as expected.

9. Is there a difference between tracks and stays?

Yes, there is just a small difference. In your mobility diary, stays are displayed with blue icons. If this is your first stay at this location, there will appear a question mark. Just change it to the purpose of your stay. Tracks are shown in all different colors, belonging to the transportation mode.

10. I see wrong tracks, can I correct them?

Yes. You have the possibility to manually edit suggested routes or transport modes. This way you can help the system to better understand your mobility behavior and routines and optimize future results. To make a correction, simply tap on the wrongly detected transport mode and choose the right one.

If you would like to delete a track, just click on the track info. 


For Android, click on the trashcan-button


                                       correct wrong tracks for android 


For iOS activate the option “This track didn’t occur”.


                                       correct wrong tracks for iOs 

11. How can I merge oversplitted tracks?

Sometimes it happens, that we oversplit your tracks. To correct that, you need to combine them. You can do so if we detect two or more tracks in a row, with no stay in between.

To merge them, just click on the track info of the second track.


For Android, push the button with two merging arrows (“Attach this track to its predecessor”).


                                        merge tracks for android


For iOS activate the option “This track belongs to the previous track”.


                                        merge tracks for ios

12. Is there a reward? What do I have to do during the project period?

Of course. Be one of the first 300 participants and you will get a reward in the end of the pilot period, according to the number of total days you used the app. To participate in the reward program, it is necessary to regularly check and confirm the detected tracks and modes and correct them for a minimum of 10 days to get a 15 minutes voucher to use in DriveNow carsharing but if you do it for 28 days+, you will get a 60 minutes voucher!

Furthermore, you have the chance to win tickets for the CARRIS MUSEUM in Santo Amaro. All you have to do is use the app for a minimum of 10 days and confirm your tracks.

We will award the TOP 100 users that used the app for more days with a ticket for the CARRIS MUSEUM. Valid until the end of December 2019.

13. The registration did not seem to work. What can I do?

After the registration, you have to confirm your e-mail address in order to activate your account. You should have received an e-mail with a confirmation link. Please check your inbox and also your spam folder. Click on the link to activate your account. Afterwards, you can log in with your e-mail address and your chosen password, and start using the app.

14. The app does not record any tracks. What can I do?

Check if the settings are correct, so that the app can work properly.

Phone settings:

App settings:

15. Why do I see gaps between my tracks?

In order to function properly while running in the background, the battery optimization for the app must be disabled in your phone's settings. On some phone models, especially by the manufacturers Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi, there exist app-specific battery optimisation options offered by the manufacturer. These are automatically activated as soon as the device is not in use for a certain duration.

Therefore, the system on those devices does not allow apps to run in the background, and quits the apps when the phone is inactive, in an attempt to extend battery life. For full app functionality, try the following changes in your device’s settings:

1. Open your phone’s battery / battery manager / battery optimisation / battery saver settings. If present in your phone, try these options:

2. If your device offers options for autostart in the “Security” or “Permissions” settings, make sure to list the app in autostart, so that a seamless continuation of using the app after restarting the phone is possible.

16. What is the average battery and data consumption of the app?

SMART LISBOA transfers collected data and tracks via an internet connection to our servers. To not drain your mobile data, a WiFi connection thereby is always preferred over mobile data. As a user, you also have the possibility to entirely deactivate mobile data for the SMART LISBOA in the settings of your smartphone. This way data usage is minimal (around 2KB/day). Normal usage with activated mobile data results in data consumption of around 2,5MB/day.

In terms of battery consumption, our test phones in idle mode with activated location services use around 3% battery. As this varies between different phone models, we advise you to charge your phone overnight.

For the future, we aim to reduce battery consumption even more by becoming increasingly independent from GPS sensors and limiting the amount of sending processes to our backend servers through direct processing on the smartphone. 

17. I have technical difficulties with the app. Who can I contact?

In case you encounter technical problems, our support team is ready to help! Drop us an email to piloto.smartlisboa@viaverde.pt explaining your problem as detailed as possible.

18. I didn’t find an answer to my question in these FAQs 

Don’t worry. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our technology or service. Just send us an email to piloto.smartlisboa@viaverde.pt